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Simple, robust, entirely ceramic oxygen sensors

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Our range of all-ceramic oxygen sensors are suitable for a variety of applications.

We offer three product lines:

C700 Oxygen Sensor

The C700 sensor is the first generation of SIRO2 oxygen sensors. It has been used and trusted for over forty (40) years, and is still in production today.

C3M Oxygen Sensor

The C3M sensor is the second generation of SIRO2 technology offering better mechanical stability, and longer mechanical life. It has the same geometry as the C700 sensor, with one fewer groove for identification purposes.


The C500 sensor's flat mechanical geometry allows for a smaller contact zone and compact construction, for both heated and unheated probes. The smaller contact sensing zone allows for a lower zero error, in systems with compact or smaller heated zones.


  • Specific for O2
  • High O2 sensitivity and selectivity
  • High dynamic range of detection
  • High temperatures of operation
  • Rapid responses
  • In or ex situ measurement
  • Solid state electronic component - rugged sensor
  • No power consumed for operation under all conditions
  • No bias required to operate
  • Available up to 1400 mm


  • Fuel combustion efficiency control
  • Furnace gas analysis
  • Heated or unheated probes
  • Waste management systems
  • Temperature and oxygen control of kilns
  • Carburising (heat transfer) furnace control
  • Potters' kilns
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Large and small electric kilns
  • Flue gas analysis
  • O2 levels at high temperatures
  • CO2 harsh environments
  • Technical ceramic kiln systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Metal heat treatment processes
  • Molten systems (single use only)
  • Copper reverberator

Please contact us to discuss which sensor would be best for your application.