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Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

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High performance, high strength, alumina fibre thermal insulation, available in boards, cylinders, blankets and cloth.

High strength ceramic fibre boards for structural strength at high temperature.

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Super high temperature zirconia board, cloth and blanket.


  • Can be used up to 2200°C
  • Low thermal conductivity at ultra high temperatures
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Thermal shock resistant
Zirconia Felt Cloth
Zirconia felt cloth, for insulation up to 1930C


  • Hot face insulation up to 1800°C
  • High alumina content for vacuum or reducing atmospheres
  • High dimensional stability
Alumina Board
Alumina Board and Cylinder

Refractory composite sheets

  • Good mechanical strength up to 1240°C
  • Not wetted by non-ferrous metals
  • Easily machined to complex shapes
Rigid Board and Preformed Cylinders
Rigid Board and Preformed Cylinders

Alumina - Silica insulation

  • Hot face insulation to 1400°C
  • Economical back-up for higher temperature insulation
  • Low thermal mass
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Available as blanket, mat or bulk fiber
Insulating blanket
Insulating Blanket

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