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Small Tube Multibore Flat Bar

Rod, Tube & Bar

Alumina or zirconia extruded products

Zirconia (PSZ) extrusions

  • square or rectangular bar
  • round bar
  • tubes large or small
Zirconia Tubes



Small Tube (Outside Diameter x Inside Diameter)

  • 2x1
  • 3x1.5
  • 4x1.8, 4x2, 4x1.5, 4.5x3.5, 4.7x3.5
  • 5x3, 5.3x3
  • 6x4, 6.1x1.5, 6.1x1.8, 6.3x1.8, 6.6x0.8, 6.6x1.0
  • 8x5
Small Tubes

Large Tube (Outside Diameter x Inside Diameter)

  • 9x5, 9x6, 9.5x6.2, 9.7x7.0
  • 10x6, 10x7, 10.4x7.7
  • 12x8.6, 12.4x7.8
  • 15x11, 15.5x1.85
  • 17x13
  • 20x15
  • 24x19
  • 26x21
  • 36x30

Please also see our general products for large (over 40 mm) diameter furnace tubes.


Large Tubes

Multibore insulators, suitable for thermocouples (Outside Diameter x Inside Diameter - Number of Bores)


Rods (Outside Diameter)


Flat Bar with Rounded Corders (Thickness x Width)


Ordering Information

Multibore insulators and small tubes available up to 1400 mm long. All other cross-sections available up to 1200 mm long.

Other sizes are possible, including non-circular sections.

Tubes 12 mm O.D. or smaller are also available with closed ends, suitable for thermocouple sheaths.

Please enquire about our extensive range of zirconia PSZ (partially stabilised zirconia) tubes.


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