Machineable Glass

MACOR Machinable Glass Ceramic

With MACOR Machinable Glass Ceramic, fabrication is fast - because it can be machined into complicated shapes and precision parts with ordinary metal working tools, quickly and inexpensively, and it requires no firing after machining.

MACOR is available in round bar, sheet or rectangular bar.

Thermal Properties

Coefficient of expansion100 x 10-7/ C
Continuous operating temperature800 C (1000 C, no load)

Mechanical Properties

Density2.52 g/cm3
Hardness48 Rockwell A
Flexural Strength94 MPa

Electrical Properties

Dielectric strength40kV/mm
Volume resistivityOver 1016 ohm-cm at 25 C, over 107 at 400 C.

Chemical Properties

Good resistance to common acids and alkalis, even at 95 C.

The Point is This:

When you need the performance of a technical ceramic - (high use temperature, electrical resistivity, zero porosity) - and your application demands the ready fabrication of a complicated shape, look for MACOR Machineable Glass Ceramic.

MACOR is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated.


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