Alumina Data

Data Sheet for Alumina Ceramics

Electrical Properties

Dielectric Strength:19 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant:10
Loss Tangent:0.00025 at 1kHz, 0.0001 at 100MHz

Mechanical Properties

Young's Modulus,E:390-400 GNm -2
Shear Modulus G:163 GNm-2
Poisson's Ratio:0.235
Fracture Toughness, Klc:3 - 4 MNm-3/2
Fracture Energy:15-50 Jm-2
Tensile Strength:200 - 400 MNm-2
Compressive Strength:3 - 4 GNm-2
Hardness:18 GPa

Thermal Properties

Heat capacity, J mol-1K-1:13 at 273K
18 at 373K
24 at 1400K
Coefficient of Thermal expansion, p.p.m./K:5 at 273K
7 at 373K
9 at 1400K
Thermal conductivity, Wm-1K-1:33 at 273K

There is also a summary of alumina properties provided by NIST.

A good general reference on alumina is the book "Alumina Processing, Properties, and Applications" by E. Dorre and H. Hubner Springer Verlag, 1984

No warranty is expressed or implied that any product or material will conform to the above data, which were derived from a variety of standard text books.


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