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DL Probe

DL Probe - for art and hobby pottery

  DL probe - overview


This probe is ideal to control pottery kilns.

Thermocouple:R-type, compatible with most pyrometer meters
Oxygen measurement range:From strong oxidation to heavy reduction
Operating temperature:700°C to 1700°C
Cable connection:Probes are supplied with a 4-pin Cannon type cord plug
Mounting hole:9.5 mm minimum, or 18 mm with sheath
Meter:Type AIC hand-held digital meter or TWL analogue meter


A ceramic sheath is also available, to protect the platinum wire if the probe is frequently removed and re-installed. The sheath is suitable for pottery use up to 1300°C (2400°F). (Higher temperature sheaths are available on special order).


Install the probe anywhere a pyrometer could be fitted. If the temperatures will be over 1100°C, the ceramic tube should hang vertically, to avoid bends caused by high temperature creep.

The probe will measure the oxygen concentration at the probe tip, provided that the operating temperature is between 700°C and 1700°C.

When fitting or removing a probe with a hot furnace, move the probe slowly to avoid thermal shock of the ceramic components. Slide the probe in at a rate of approximately 50 mm per minute. The thermocouple read-out can be used to ensure that the heating rate is less than 100°C per minute.

Seal the hole where the probe is fitted to avoid air from flowing inwards, which would give a false oxygen reading. Usually a plug of ceramic fibre is sufficient, and allows easy removal of the probe.


Keep the probe head at a temperature less than 60°C.

Supply clean fresh air at a rate of 10 cm3/min to the connection on the probe head. A small fish aquarium air pump is ideal.

The electrical connections are:

Pin 1Pt/Pt13%Rh leg of R-type thermocouple
Pin 2Pt leg of R-type thermocouple
Pin 3Oxygen sensor internal wire
Pin 4Oxygen sensor external wire

Both our meters are supplied with matching colour-coded connection cables for trouble-free installation


There are no user serviceable parts inside the probe. If the external platinum conductor is broken, it can normally be rejoined without loss of accuracy.

Ordering & Information

Please contact us for a quotation, specifying the length you need (from the probe head to the tip of the sensor) and whether you need a protection sheath. Probes are normally ready for despatch by international air freight within two days of order. If you have a preferred carrier or you wish to use your own account, please let us know.

We have representatives in Europe, USA and Australia.

Please note that all prices are in Australian dollars. Please see the Commonwealth Bank currency converter to calculate the price in your currency.

  DL probe with sheath head