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CP Probe

CP Probe - the simplest potters' oxyprobe

  CP probe - overview


The CP probe is a very simple, low cost oxygen probe with an easy-to-read digital meter displaying oxidation/reduction. The CP Probe saves you money by omitting the thermocouple pyrometer, so that you can continue to use cones. This probe is ideal to control both gas and wood-fired kilns.

Type CP oxygen probe - simple, low-cost potters' probe


The advantages of measurement of oxidation/reduction include:


The CP probe is based on the SIRO2 zirconia oxygen sensor. This all-ceramic sensor is the world-wide standard for controlling oxidation and reduction.


Note that the probe contains brittle ceramic components. Treat it as fragile: do not drop, knock or handle roughly.

Protect the digital meter from heat. The CP Probe includes enough lead to the meter to enable you to keep the meter well away from the kiln

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